Vodafone M-PESA launch

  • Vodafone Albania introduced for the first time in Albania, the electronic money transfer system Vodafone M-PESA , the mobile payment solution that has transformed the lives of millions of people in many markets.

  • The event took place at “Sheraton” Hotel on May 05, 2015 and the news spread all the over the country within hours thanks to the high media coverage and media attendance in the event. Beside media and Vodafone Representatives , the press conference was attended by high level representatives of the Albanian Government, Business Representative, Internationals etc including, Minister of Innovation Milena Harito, Governor of Bank of Albania Genti Sejko, UK Ambassador Nicholas Cannon etc.

  • The news was broadcasted in 10 TV Channels, 3 TV Programs, 15 daily newspapers, 23 websites.

10 TV Channels

  • Top Channel

  • Top News

  • Klan TV

  • ABC News

  • Vizion+

  • News 24

  • Ora News

  • A1 Report

  • TVSH

  • Scan TV

Vizion Plus TV

Top Channel TV

Top News TV


Ora News TV

Scan TV

Klan TV

News 24 TV


A1 Report TV

10 TV Channels

  • “Wake Up” morning show at Top Channel

  • Morning Program at Agon Channel

  • “3JAT MAD” Program at MAD TV

TV Programs - Clips

Top Channel – “Wake Up”

Agon Channel – “Të Parët”

15 Daily Newspapers

  • Albanian Daily News Inner Page
  • Panorama Front Page
  • Panorama Inner Page
  • Shekulli Front Page
  • Shekulli Inner Page
  • Gazeta 55
  • Dita
  • Gazeta Shqiptare
  • Koha Jonë
  • Gazeta Mapo
  • Shqiptarja.com
  • Standard
  • Tema
  • Tirana Observer

One of the top 5 newspapers in the country “Panorama” announced the news in front page and published the press release in the inner page
One of the top 5 newspapers in the country “Shekulli” announced the news in front page and dedicated a full inner page to the news
The daily “Albanian Daily News” published the news in front page and inner page

  • The daily “Gazeta 55” published a full page dedicated to the event
  • The daily “ Tema” published the full press release