SGS Awareness

We created the SGS Automotive awareness campaign, aiming to dimension the way drivers see their car and vehicle inspection. Our car is the place we share our daily moments of joy with our kids, execute our everyday tasks or share fun with our peers.

We reminded the audience that the technical inspection is not just a piece of paper that the law requires.

We broke the practice of leaving the technical control for the very last moment at the end of year, through PR activations in the main media and targeted promotion of the SGS on line booking platform.

Balanced reporting of the issue on Media, fully delivering the educational message to all audience segments in their favorite content.




The Result:

Lower queues and smother technical inspection practices on the months on the end of year 2014.


Creative agency: J.Walter Thompson Tirana
Production agency: Le Spot Productions
Media agency: Mindshare
PR agency: Publix PR