Soul Project - Food Blogger

People that do things with their soul. People that are dedicated to a cause, that sacrifice time and energy to offer whatever they can to others, that put their ideas and passion into everything they do, no matter how small or big, personal or not, that “everything” is. These people are the inspiration behind the #soulproject.

And of course, Vodafone 4G network. Always there to enable these people to express what they feel, to support their efforts, to share their experiences from every part of Albania.

The second story of the #soulproject is the story of Kristi (aka Kikiliciouss). A young girl that is into everything that has to do with creativity, from design to photography and everything in between or around! But, her most beloved activity is cooking and sharing her recipes.

The TV commercial shows her passion, how she puts her soul in what she does and how she shares everything through her blog and social media pages. Of course, Vodafone 4G network is always by her side.