Soul Project - Teacher

People that do things with their soul. People that are dedicated to a cause, that sacrifice time and energy to offer whatever they can to others, that put their ideas and passion into everything they do, no matter how small or big, personal or not, that “everything” is. These people are the inspiration behind the #soulproject.

And of course, Vodafone 4G network. Always there to enable these people to express what they feel, to support their efforts, to share their experiences from every part of Albania.

The project was initiated with the story of Liljana Luani. A teacher from Shkodra that in her free time travels to the remotest areas of the Albanian North, putting her soul in teaching children that don’t have the opportunity to go to school.

The TV commercial follows her in her journey and reveals to the viewer a woman of strong beliefs, unmastered will and a big heart. Vodafone 4G network is always by her side.

The commercial was shot in several parts of the Albanian North without using any actors. All the participants are children that leave in these areas and have Mrs Liljana Luani as their teacher.