Vodafone City I

We created Vodafone City, the first engagement game blending virtual and real life of the Vodafone Club Youth in the unique experience of “Discovering the mystery”.

The thrill stands in following a route within Tirana, filled with mysterious milestones.
The discovery ends once each obstacle is passed and each mystery is discovered.
100 Smartphones and thousands Vodafone Monthly Packages were given to the fastest curious.

We promoted the game in a full integrated teaser and launch campaign.
2 TV Commercials were launched. A teasing TVC which oriented the viewers attention towards the up coming surprise and a launching TVC, discovering the game and the gifts for the fastest players.

A microsite was designed for the audience to read the game instructions and terms & conditions, that was also linked to Vodafone Albania FacebookPage and Play/App Stores.

Pre-launch spot:

Launch spot:



Vodafone City II

Pre-launch spot:

Launch spot:



Creative agency: Le Spot Productions
Production agency: Le Spot Productions
Media agency: Mindshare
Digital agency: Le Spot Productions